Upcoming Events

  1. Presbytery Meeting

    November 6 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  2. Presbytery Meeting

    December 4 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Other Members

Royal Air Force Chaplain

Rev. Sheila M Munro, BD. Chaplain at RAF Lossiemouth Ord. 1995 App 2012 7, Spynie Brae, Elgin IV30 4PE Tel: 01343 817598 Email: ku.do1540221951m@1871540221951ornum1540221951.alie1540221951hs1540221951

Rev Sheila Munro

Retired Auxiliary Minister

Rev. Anne Attenburrow BSc. MB, ChB

Ord. 2006 App. 2012 RETIRED 2018

4 Jock Inkson’s Brae, Elgin, IV30 1QE Tel: 01343 552330 Email: moc.l1540221951oa@wo1540221951rrubn1540221951ettAA1540221951

Rev Anne Attenburrow

Ordained Local Ministers

Rev. John A. Morrison BSc,  BA, PGCE Dallas l/w Forres: St Leonard’s l/w Rafford Ord.

2013 App. 2013

35 Kirkton Place, New Elgin, Elgin. IV30 6JR01343 550199

Email: moc.l1540221951oa@751540221951allah1540221951s1540221951

Rev John Morrison

Rev Sonia Palmer, Elgin: St Giles’ and St Columba’s South

ordained and appointed 2016

tel. 01343  348001, email: moc.o1540221951ohay@1540221951remla1540221951p.ain1540221951os1540221951

Rev Sonia Palmer

Retired Ministers

Rev Brian Bain L.Th. (Gask l/w Methven l/Logiealmond) Ord 1980, Ret 2007

Bayview, 13 Stewart Street, Portgordon, Buckie AB56 5QT E: mail: moc.l1540221951iamg@1540221951neero1540221951cirb1540221951Tel: 01542 831215

Rev Brian Bain

Rev Alexander Buchan MA, BD, PGCE (North Ronaldsay with Sanday)

Ord. 1975, Ret


The Manse, 14 St. Peter’s Road, Buckie, AB56 1DLTel: 01542 832118Email: gro.t1540221951ekcub1540221951eulb@1540221951nahcu1540221951bcive1540221951r1540221951

Rev. Alistair A. B. Davidson, MA, BD (Grange l/w Rothiemay)

Ord 1960, Ret 1997

11 Sutors Rise, Nairn, IV12 5BUTel: 01667 459838

Rev. Alasdair J. Morton, MA, BD, DipEd, FEIS (Bowden l/w Newtown)

Ord 1960, Ret 2000

St. Leonard’s, 16 St. Leonard’s Road, Forres, IV36 1DW Tel: 01309 671719

Email: ku.oc1540221951.liam1540221951toh@r1540221951omlig1540221951sala1540221951

Rev Alasdair Morton

Rev. Gillian M. Morton, MA, BD, PGCE (Hospital Chaplain)

Ord 1983, Ret 1996

St. Leonard’s, 16 St. Leonard’s Road, Forres, IV36 1DW Tel: 01309 671719E: mail: moc.l1540221951iamg@154022195163vin1540221951otrom1540221951mnail1540221951lig1540221951 

Rev Gillian Morton

Rev. Ann McColl Poole DipEd, ACE, L.Th. (Dyke l/w Edinkillie)

Ord 1983, Ret 2003

Kirkside Cottage, Dyke, Forres, IV36 2TFTel: 01309 641046

Rev Ann McColl Poole

Rev. Peter Robertson BSc BD (Dallas l/w Forres: St Leonard’s l/w Rafford)

18 Reidhaven Street, Elgin, IV30 1QHTel:       01343 208786  Mobile      07889 853064  Email        ten.k1540221951latkl1540221951at@se1540221951rrofn1540221951ostre1540221951borre1540221951tep1540221951

Rev. George B Rollo BD   (Elgin: St Giles’ & St Columba’s South)

Ord. 1974, Ret 2010

13, Meadow View, Hopeman, Elgin, IV30 5PLTel: 01343 835226

E: mail: moc.l1540221951iamg@1540221951sollo1540221951r1540221951

Rev George Rollo

Rev. Hugh M. C. Smith L.Th. (Mortlach & Cabrach)

Ord. 1973 Ret 2013

6 Concraig Walk, Kingswells, Aberdeen. AB15 8DU

Tel: 01224 745275

Rev Hugh Smith

Rev. Morris Smith BD. (Cromdale and Advie l/w Dulnain Bridge l/w Grantown-on Spey)

Ord 1988, Ret 2013

1 Urquhart Grove, New Elgin, IV30 8TB

Email: ku.gr1540221951o.dna1540221951ltocs1540221951fohcr1540221951uhc@h1540221951timsm1540221951Tel: 01343 545019

Rev David W Whyte, L.Th. (Boat of Garten, Duthil, with Kincardine) Ord.1993. Ret 2010

1 Lemanfield Road, Garmouth, Fochabers IV32 7LS  

Tel: 01343 870667   Email: moc.t1540221951enret1540221951nitb@1540221951jdety1540221951hw1540221951

Rev David Whyte

Rev. David L. Wright, MA, BD (Stornoway: St. Columba)

Ord 1957, Ret 1998

84 Wyvis Drive, Nairn, IV12 4TPTel: 01667 451613

Rev Bill Ross

ord. 1988, retd 2016

5 Strathlene Court, Rathven, Buckie AB56 4DD


01542 – 834418

Rev Rosemary Legge

ord. 1992, retd 2017

57 High Street, Archiestown , Aberlour AB38 7QZ                                                    tel 01340 – 810304  email: moc.l1540221951iamg@154022195129lrv1540221951er1540221951


Retired Deacon

Miss Margaret R. King, MA, DCS (Presbytery Deacon)     Ord. 2002, Rtd. 2012

56 Murrayfield, Fochabers, IV32 7EZ             

Tel: 01343 820937  Email: moc.l1540221951iamg@1540221951988gn1540221951ikter1540221951agram1540221951  

Miss Margaret King


Elders Elected By Presbytery

Mrs ann m.c. bowie (bellie and speymouth)

1 Gordon Street, Fochabers, IV32 7DLtel. 01343 821476 email:  moc.l1540221951oa@ei1540221951woBCM1540221951nnA1540221951

Mrs Ann Bowie

Mrs Margaret Cameron (Elgin: High)

Parkview, Hallowood Road, Elgin, IV30 8NP

tel 01343 860459  email: moc.t1540221951enret1540221951nitb@1540221951norem1540221951acnor1540221951

Mrs Margaret Cameron

Mrs. Jean Forbes (Buckie: North, and a reader)

Greenmoss, Drybridge, Buckie AB56 5JB

tel. 01542 831646    Email: ku.oc1540221951.ooha1540221951y@94t1540221951eefgn1540221951icnad1540221951

Mrs Jean Forbes

Mrs Jane Foster (Dyke and edinkillie)

Fir Tree Cottage, Dyke, Forres IV36 2TF

tel. 01309 641257  email:  ku.oc1540221951.liam1540221951toh@21540221951122fa1540221951wj1540221951

Mr. Victor E F Goddard (forres: st Laurence)

3 Varis Road, Forres, IV36 1HR01309 673450 moc.o1540221951ohay@1540221951calie1540221951hsdna1540221951civ1540221951

Victor Goddard

Mrs Helen More (Alves and Burghead)

38 Grant Street, Burghead IV30 5TT

tel. 01343 835550  email:  ku.oc1540221951.liam1540221951toh@e1540221951romne1540221951leh1540221951

Mrs Helen More

Mrs. Morag Ritchie (Portknockie)

8 Seafield Street, Portknockie, Buckie AB56 4LX

tel. 01542 840951 email:  moc.t1540221951enret1540221951nitb@15402219518eihc1540221951tirga1540221951rom1540221951

Mrs Anne Marie Simpson (Keith: North, newmill, boharm and rothiemay)

25 Hay Crescent, Keith, AB55 5AR

tel. 01542 886864 email:  moc.l1540221951oa@no1540221951spmis1540221951.eira1540221951menna1540221951

Mrs sheila sellar (cullen and deskford)

Ben Vrackie, Ellyside, Lintmill, Cullen AB56 4XQ

tel 01542 840760   email: moc.t1540221951enret1540221951nitb@1540221951ralle1540221951sas1540221951

mrs shona rowand (duffus, spynie and hopeman)

Rosenewton Farmk Elgin IV30 8XW

tel 01343 850693   email: moc.l1540221951iamg@1540221951hsddn1540221951awors1540221951

Mrs Shona Rowand

Mrs barbara smith (rathven)

33 Samson Avenue Portessie AB56 1TR

tel 01542 831334   email: moc.l1540221951iamto1540221951h@33215402219512sbab1540221951

Mr charles steele (lossiemouth st gerardine’s high)

Wansbeck, 48 James Street, Lossiemouth IV316BY

tel 01343 813897  email: moc.l1540221951iamg@154022195184ele1540221951ets1540221951

Charles Steele

Ms Nicola Smith (Keith St Rufus, Botriphnie and Grange)

9 Nelson Court, Keith AB55 5FT

tel. 01542 – 488673 email: nicola@ moc.l1540221951iamg@15402219519901h1540221951tims1540221951

Ms Nicola Smith

mrs carola smith (elgin : st giles’ and st columba’s south)

tel. 01343 547585 email: moc.l1540221951iamg@154022195121hti1540221951msjal1540221951orac1540221951

mrs suzanne foster (knockando, elchies and archiestown)

Delnaport, Blacksboat, Ballindalloch, AB37 9BQ

tel. 01807 500341 email: moc.l1540221951iamg@154022195174ret1540221951sofen1540221951nazus1540221951


Presbytery Safeguarding Officer

Mr John McConnachie

7 Woodside Place, Fochabers, IV32 7HE

tel. 01343  820671   Email: moc.l1540221951iamg@154022195187eih1540221951canno1540221951ccmj1540221951

John McConnachie

Ministries Development Staff (MDS) Presbytery/Parish Worker

Mrs. Paula Baker,

18 Main Street, Buckpool, Buckie AB56 1XQ01542 832662Email: moc.l1540221951oa@re1540221951kabal1540221951uapek1540221951im1540221951

Mr Eckhardt Bosch

St Rufus Manse, Church Road, Keith AB555BR

tel 01542 882799 email: ku.gr1540221951o.dna1540221951ltocs1540221951fohcr1540221951uhc@h1540221951csoBE1540221951

Eckhardt Bosch

Church of Scotland Guild, Presbyterial Council Members

Mrs Janet Benson (W.Secretary.)

8 Springfield Court, Forres, IV36 3WY01309 671525Email: moc.l1540221951iamg@15402219511nosn1540221951ebwte1540221951naJ1540221951

Press & Publicity Officer

Mr Neil Sutherland*

14 Dean of Guild Way, Elgin IV30 6JN

tel. 01343 549357  Email: ku.oc1540221951.liam1540221951toh@r1540221951ihsli1540221951en1540221951

Neil Sutherland


Mr Murray Campbell, Locum at Findochty and Portknockie

tel. 01343 813226 or mobile 07710 196188

email: moc.l1540221951iamel1540221951goog@15402219517491c1540221951mh1540221951

Rev Penelope Smirthwaite, locum at Dyke and Edinkillie

tel. 07732 842576 email: moc.l1540221951iamg@1540221951etiaw1540221951htrim1540221951sp1540221951

Rev Ian Murray, Interim Minister (North East Region)

Kilmorie House, Institution Road, Elgin IV30 1RP

tel. 07977 473231 email: ku.gr1540221951o.dna1540221951ltocs1540221951fohcr1540221951uhc@y1540221951arruM1540221951B1540221951

Mr Michael Newlands, Youth Worker at Keith St Rufus, Botriphnie and Grange

tel. 07880 571578 email: ku.oc1540221951.liam1540221951toh@615402219511nams1540221951nalc1540221951


Mr Stuart Finlayson

email: ku.oc1540221951.liam1540221951toh@n1540221951aisut1540221951s1540221951

Ms Christine McWhirter

email: ku.oc1540221951.liam1540221951toh@71540221951212en1540221951irama1540221951uqa1540221951