Committees meet two Tuesdays before Presbytery meetings. All Committees meet (meantime) online. The Business Committee usually meets the following day. 

Committees operate in accordance with Standing Order 8. Conveners may call extra meetings if required, or may cancel meetings if there is no business, but due notice must be given timeously, and preferably by telephone. Conveners normally serve for four years; and members for three years, (the year of appointment being shown in brackets*).  Committees may appoint a vice-convener. 

The date in brackets after a name is the date of appointment to that particular committee of Presbytery, not the date on which they became a member of Presbytery. In that the committees were restructured with effect from 1st July 2009 the date in brackets reflects the appointment date to the original committee, where the remit of the previous committee is connected to that of the new committee. The Moderator, The Clerk, and The Treasurer are ex-officio members of all committees.

Please click on the link below to a pdf file to see the committees for this session of Presbytery

Presbytery Committees 2020 – 2021

Standing Orders of Moray Presbytery