Alternative Worship Arrangements

Churches and organisations across Moray have a variety of ways to keep in touch during this time.

KCR 107.7 FM

KCR is broadcasting “Revving Up” each Monday at 7 pm / Tuesday 11 am. Listen in most of Moray on 107.7FM. You can also listen any time by visiting their “Mixcloud” webpage:

Services are also available on BBC Radio Scotland (New Every Sunday – Sunday – 7:30am), BBC One (Reflections at the Quay – Sunday – times vary), BBC Scotland Channel (The Service – Sunday – 12 noon).

St. James’

Worship material is being uploaded each week to the St. James’ website and St. Gerardine’s folk with computer access are being directed to it too.

Duffus, Spynie & Hopeman

  • A YouTube channel offering a pre-recorded Sunday reflection (15-20 minutes) and a short mid-week reflection.
  • the YouTube channel content is shared on the Duffus Spynie & Hopeman Facebook page and my Rev. Jenny Adam’s Facebook page
  • the Duffus Spynie & Hopeman Facebook page is also sharing other information and content from Church and community
  • there is a phone number (01343) 614450 which anyone can phone, and they will hear a pre-recorded Sunday reflection (15-20 minutes) – updated every week.

Dyke and Edinkillie

Dyke and Edinkillie Church is making its services available online via their Facebook page most Sundays at 10:30 am.

St Andrews’ Lhanbryd & Urquhart

A service of worship can be viewed live on SALU (St Andrews’ Lhanbryd & Urquhart) website at 11am just follow the link There will also be an opportunity to view it later if unable to watch at 11am.

Elgin St Giles & St Columba’s South

Elgin St Giles & St Columba’s South has a Midweek service on a Thursday 13:00 and Sunday worship at 10:30. They have a daily Whatsapp broadcast that goes out from a private church mobile and other mobile numbers are not made public (opposed to a Whatsapp group). They will have short services during Holy week available online at around 13:00 from. There is also Sunday School material on our church website. As well as the website, you can connect on Facebook and Youtube:
Facebook link: Elgin StGiles
YouTube channel: Elgin St G and St C
To link onto the Whatsapp broadcast follow the instructions on the Facebook page.

Cullen & Deskford:

Douglas Stevenson is recording daily ‘thoughts’ on Mark’s Gospel which are uploaded to YouTube.

Elgin, Birnie & Pluscarden

  • Birnie & Pluscarden website hosts many options, including a written Pause for Thought, a weekly service of hymns & readings recorded by the organist & his mum, and the text of a mid-week reflections by Sonia Palmer at
  • The above shared on Facebook page Birnie Pluscarden KIRK
  • Also Facebook page for Birnie Pluscarden Messy Church
  • Also searching BPEH on YouTube finds the worship
  • Elgin High website hosts the same options, plus Sonia Palmer’s twice-weekly video reflections from her YouTube channel, plus pointers to other online options (including Stuart Finlayson’s children’s video)
  • Sonia’s YouTube channel is at
  • both congregations print off the text of Alistair’s and Sonia’s reflections and hand-deliver to some of those with no online access


Rafford is running a weekly Sunday School for its regulars and friends via Zoom.

For Children – The Sunday Club

Ministry Candidate Stuart Finlayson hosts the Sunday Club on YouTube, available to watch any time.

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