Alternative Worship Arrangements

Churches and organisations across Moray have a variety of ways to keep in touch during this time.

For Children – The Sunday Club

Ministry Candidate Stuart Finlayson hosts a weekly Sunday Club on YouTube available to watch any time.

KCR 107.7 FM

Local community radio station KCR is now broadcasting a Sunday morning service at 10 am each Sunday morning, led by ministry candidate David Sim. You can listen “live” online at or, depending where you live, you may be able to tune in on 107.7 FM. You can also listen any time after broadcast on KCR’s Listen Again service. New services will appear on that page every week shortly after broadcast.

St. James’

Worship material is being uploaded each week to the St. James’ website and St. Gerardine’s folk with computer access are being directed to it too.

Duffus, Spynie & Hopeman

  • A YouTube channel offering a pre-recorded Sunday reflection (15-20 minutes) and a short mid-week reflection.
  • the YouTube channel content is shared on the Duffus Spynie & Hopeman Facebook page and my Rev. Jenny Adam’s Facebook page
  • the Duffus Spynie & Hopeman Facebook page is also sharing other information and content from Church and community
  • there is a phone number (01343) 614450 which anyone can phone, and they will hear a pre-recorded Sunday reflection (15-20 minutes) – updated every week.

Dyke and Edinkillie

Dyke and Edinkillie Church is making its services available online. you can join the service “live” on Sunday mornings at 10am or you can find previous services to listen to. The church also has a series of Holy Week video reflections.

St Andrews’ Lhanbryd & Urquhart

Attie Van Wyk will conduct a service of worship from the manse at 11am  This can be viewed live on SALU (St Andrews’ Lhanbryd & Urquhart) website at 11am just follow the link There will also be an opportunity to view it later if unable to watch at 11am.

Elgin St Giles & St Columba’s South

Elgin St Giles & St Columba’s South has a Midweek service on a Thursday 13:00 and Sunday worship at 10:30. They have a daily Whatsapp broadcast that goes out from a private church mobile and other mobile numbers are not made public (opposed to a Whatsapp group). They will have short services during Holy week available online at around 13:00 from. There is also Sunday School material on our church website. As well as the website, you can connect on Facebook and Youtube:
Facebook link: Elgin StGiles
YouTube channel: Elgin St G and St C
To link onto the Whatsapp broadcast follow the instructions on the Facebook page.

Cullen & Deskford:

Douglas Stevenson is recording daily ‘thoughts’ on Mark’s Gospel which are uploaded to YouTube.

Elgin, Birnie & Pluscarden

  • Birnie & Pluscarden website hosts many options, including a written Pause for Thought, a weekly service of hymns & readings recorded by the organist & his mum, and the text of a mid-week reflections by Sonia Palmer at
  • The above shared on Facebook page Birnie Pluscarden KIRK
  • Also Facebook page for Birnie Pluscarden Messy Church
  • Also searching BPEH on YouTube finds the worship
  • Elgin High website hosts the same options, plus Sonia Palmer’s twice-weekly video reflections from her YouTube channel, plus pointers to other online options (including Stuart Finlayson’s children’s video)
  • Sonia’s YouTube channel is at
  • both congregations print off the text of Alistair’s and Sonia’s reflections and hand-deliver to some of those with no online access


Rafford is running a weekly Sunday School for its regulars and friends via Zoom.

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